Joomla Day 2013 is over and everyone is now catching up on some much needed rest after the massive weekend that was JDS13.

Before we really get into anything, hats must be taken off and kudos given to the Sydney Joomla Users Group who have yet again, pulled off an excellent weekend full of excellent talks, drinks, food and conversation. These guys have done an outstanding job.

Unfortunately I missed out on attending the Friday night social catch-up prior to starting JDS13 due to a late flight out of Melbourne but from what I heard through Twitter, there was much beer and pizza to be had at the venue all of which was supplied by one of the sponsors, Max Lynam from Molehill Web Works.

Before long, everyone was lining up to register and collect their JDS13 T-Shirts bright and early on Saturday!

I had only one problem facing me for the entire day, I had forgotten to charge both my laptop and iPad (both devices I had planned on taking notes with). Thankfully there were some well placed power points that everyone could make use of during the breaks.

And what excellent breaks they were, arguably the most valuable part of the day.

The one thing that is most important in being a part of the Joomla Community, is not how brilliant your websites or extensions are... but is the time you have standing around chatting to everyone else who also uses Joomla.

The conversation itself doesn't even have to be about Joomla (although, realistically most of it is as we all use it). Meeting new people and finding out what experiences and stories they have to tell is where the heart of these Joomla days really take the cake. We can go our entire career using a piece of software and never meet the people who use it most or even had a hand in creating it.

It was during these social times that I was able to meet two creators of two Joomla extensions that are extremely well known within the community. They had both traveled all the way from France to stay for around 10 days in Australia and take part in JDS13 before heading back home.

I would like to put a huge thank you out to both Adrian from AcyMailing Acyba and Nicolas from Hikashop, not only did I get to speak to both of them, but I also got to find out how they came into the Joomla scene and released two very popular extensions. I also got to learn about what drives them (and how much fun they were having visiting Australia).

But I think there was one moment when Adrian really made something clear. He was happy to come out and meet the people who use his extension. Not just to come out here for business, but to really connect with everyone and find out exactly what the rest of us there wanted to know... who are the other people who make up this community that we are a part of?

This is how I remember Joomla Day Sydney 2013 and what I look forward to each year.

Cheers everyone!

Joomla Day Sydney 2013